Adult Classes

This course will share the basics of traditional agricultural science. The methods and techniques I learned from my grandparents to modern-day methods to make farm tasks efficient. This course delivers the foundation of an effective farming/gardening journey with some historical context sprinkled within the lessons to give you the “why” we all need to be participating in agriculture.

This course is a deep look into the ways that our minds have been colonized through Yurugu (European) culture. And even more, how each and every one of us can begin to dissect our thought processes and habits that do not serve our highest good as Afrikan people. In this course, you will learn ways to decolonize your mind and begin to strategically empower ourselves, our families, and our people. We will use the scholarly works of Nana Amos Wilson, The Falsification of Afrikan Consciousness, as well as videos, discussions, etc.

M’Bwebe Ishangi shares intricate money-making methods and practices that will enable you to become financially literate to the point of being able to live off your savings and investments without having to work for someone—eliminating the anxiety of untimely job and wage loss and/or the fictitious “security” traditional savings models fail to live up to.

No matter how much education you have these institutions will not teach you how to manage money. If they did they’d be rendered powerless jeopardizing their bottom line… make money off your ignorance!

Through this course you will learn how to assess and eliminate debt, leverage financial your source using arbitrage tools that enable sustainable streams of passive income—not just for you personally, but your ensuing bloodlines—by way of velocity and infinite banking concepts!